Wednesday, April 28, 2010

26 th apirl

Suddenly shifted a different strategy for the day and mailed to fullhyd and manabadi and few others replys received from usa and kishore.Syams and new trigger is to join him on site visit i skipped.pending blog posted and prints took.
Net Saga includes kasbekars reply evening mallyas coverage.effect of vikipedia.Knolwdge abd befits from internet analysed.Cell phone batter failed again but soon got it replaced so tention releaved.Planning of emailing failed gain.managaed cloth pressing.celebs pages listed at google anaylysed found vidya balan ranks top on current list on about twitter stamp at twitter related things impersonalisation details..wikipedias blu link details.Night shout at K??.Coffe with Viatal at quetion abt K??.

27 th post:Sudden hick up of bundh call a real havoc for the day no progress at all added it blazing sun efeect ruined the entire day.managed celebs tweets written on note book is the only progress for the day.Another upset is enquiring about K??.evening enquiry with K.K. Prasad abt k.Slow net at cafe is big disappointment.evening venkatesh met.lot of details about movies release got.


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