Monday, April 19, 2010

18th April post

Morning coolly handled transfer work its the begining of a great future.activated rs 225/- Reliance net surfing pack.Added few pics in blog again.Twitter R&D continued with vetuku account.Ahuge ids hunt for the day bagged 8 of them in 3 and half hour net stint.Priyankas Twwet pic seen ids;they include:suviram,vasaneye,florastand,chilukurireal,ravitax,sirishahomes,flowerexpress,riteverses.Info abt tweeexchange but that seems to be useless.3 plus one razors offer bagged.tablets and washing power.managed the day without scooter.

Evening to syams shop met singer and he dropped on return and known of 1000 songs memory.Mouthshut guy at twitter.


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