Sunday, April 18, 2010

17th april

After a long follow up banner work got completed and sent but needs to be brushed up again.4 hours morning work collected lot of earliar logos and saved on flicker.In deccan chronicle there was lot of news on social network so read and seen web sites.Flim actreses followers crossed 2500 and fast becoming a big asset.Days ids is floralhut.One guy at adwords balaji saved.3 lakhs new ids at twitter info known.Dc notes read at facebook.Frequent D/C of cyber cafe a big disturbance.
Tyre puncture head ache could not be solved.

Managed to edit some pages at nt finally good work cleaned further.
Evening managed to meet syam and mama and had discussions need to see profiles.Rajendra came to chat.Adopting villages idea??.manabadi story heading for a near success.


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