Wednesday, April 14, 2010

13 th april post

Most important development of the day is handled ftp from sridevi complex cafe and successfully managed to keep twitter and infolinks code in and edited most of the pages now to develop further on this also saved the code on cafes system net. Other improvements for the day with ids: hairfixing,kapleshwar,vgpresorts,sachintravels,jvtravels.nutantravels,permastamp,veesons,mana_badi.No reply from Dallas guy is annoyimg one.Unexpectedly had to settle gopals cash so now no tenstion and confusion and so with Chengaiahs stones gave him back by evening but now whats at hand is clearly known.Raghunath reddys new offer was interesting and failed with marvadi guy of ananda nilayams.Lot of work did on net improvements today.

At shop written ids collected so far seperately.Suffered with heat and tyre puncture issues yet managed with difficulty.On actresses followers were kept on increasing and this is interesting.Few more tweets read of others.wash and new pen new book managed.

No calls on market??


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