Friday, March 26, 2010

25 th march post

Ask and get from no to fullness is new strategy now.seen nice vedeo of justin biber and that 10 old girls song.Mama gone back so quickly vacated from naguluri lodge Nagur and old Ramesh wishing gave inspiration.
Many emails sent to email ids collected from bizlist.Morning managed wash at home.Unexpectedly 2 hours net at sridevi complex signatures of friends scans posted at blog.took all blog prints.some inspirational vedeos seen at youtube.2 more interesting ids pridehotel,sreejewellers reserved.

Quite unexpectedly promo deal of Srivari homes with help of Niranjan closed by evening.Now i must accelerate progress.No field calls for the day?Syams temple strategy.Tried for rx book but failed.Hickup with kamals attitude again.Prabhakarans Gem stones seen.Called Univercell V.P.Twitter followers trimmed deleted few followers.Few more colorful idols seen at Syams shop.Suffered with dress.summer wear needed discussion with Giri and giris cell at tirupati:80081- 83555 their apartment also seen.


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