Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 feb post

Pressure from at home at afternoon to pay laundry charges.late lunch at poor curry.Morning to syam shop and from there to she fashions and closed day 2 entries closed.2 entries booked.2 commitments also got.some data also got into fold.Morning call bouncer at Diagnostics.some of diagnostics data collected.Cyber computers email responce.mam has re joined and amused.One artist got introduced.Chinnis non co operation.Niranjns redicule.Raghunatha reddy confident talk exposure for the day.Kamalakars follow up and news.Evening hope of opticals.#d reading of kdslayer.
Blog posted and 5 new ids also into fold(highlandresorts,pennacements,suryacolors,macleodspharma,orchidpharma)hotgator 398 traffic info.during talk to mama i need to expand my activity to 2 more districts.Ad tarrifs of banglore times known thru syams phone.
$ of expected payments failed for the day 2 new payments got.Seen big ad of manju foods at all dailies.with shoe to field work.Bliss dosa add in the hindu related stress.Drug controller adderess found.New info on sarees painting known. 4 tablets of stamlo beta.Coolness of handling of cyber cafe girl.
During reading back old blogs noted that cell phone followup isvery effective.Enginnering colleges information known thru mama.Eve Chandra met.

Current fecilities at tpt home water 2 fan to sleep.4.lunch.5.water.6.pressing luggage.9.syams offer of biz.11.pad.12,net cafes.


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