Monday, January 04, 2010

2nd jan 2010

New year calls hungama continued for the day!
Morning total funds got evaporated with mothers help soon things have changed.Quite unexpectedly attended Kamalakars fathers cerimony (mobilised friends Chandra,ramoji.Cell phone power(ramojis tip)Bliss emailing work continued.

phone to Varadarajan,chekrie hotel,balaji,Need,Changaiah,Syam,Sankyos,Cybermaniac responce,chinna(jayamma akka ill health known)Viswanath bangalore,ramoji,Chandra.Capsules from classified booked.My initiative to talking to people fetched.hits from twitter ids were encouraging.Alexa ranks have lost surprisingly.Flash of having email is base of tirupati peole has emerged.Tweets also continued.

3 rd jan:Sunday Post

Very interesting article on Eenau aily about time management read and planning new hope again on targetting.Morning walkers meet some speaker was giving lecture but had to be missed due sudden and unexpected.Most of the day spent with syam and work at Iskon temple and enquiry of shop at kapila theertham an promotional net day.Sakshi paper calender got.Voveran dose missing effects.News of tommorws bundh.Idea of each site and blog readers.

Tieup with syam again.Night Chengaiah met.Few car travels guys met.Call from Akka.Local visits by auto guys.


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