Wednesday, November 18, 2009

17th november

Morning took up address collections work at Group theatre cafe by evening around 50 addreses roughly collected thats a satisfing work print outs took from sign in.Again activated rs 60/- pack at reliance but thats evaporated by evening.Unable to concentrate field work even today too.One lady gave good support at twitter about great indian barands.
At net information about professional twttes noted.knowledge continued to develop at twitter and got further consolidated.Kharan gave one id and thats also in fold now.during the surfing golbal park guy peeped in.At after noon called sankyo murali and talked to paul also.Segregated ids roughly areawise at home.
During surfing posted ramee gifts entry and statrted bliss hotel promotional work.seen apollohospitals video promotions.
Volini tube,tablests invested.Bharathicement again organised at twitter.goodsunindia anew id.heat treatment at home.Disturbance thru chengaiahs call were order of the day.


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