Tuesday, August 25, 2009

august posts continued

22nd aug called arcade thru singh help.had physiotherapy again.net prints took.rs 500/- order from market.wash did at room bramha reddy came.morning to penna river area.

23rd sunday august to tirupati by bus met kamalakar night to chennai by car felt very tired on reaching.

24 th monday at chennai mostly at pandian lodge evening to air port area by car and send off given to kamalakar.night very late to lodge problem at lodge for drinks boy cheated.
slept at lodge night.

25 th came back to nellore by bus.unable to cope up with travel boredom.evening at net posted travels,shantilal jewellers,cell phone,pulse, fancy electricals,blog.
door mat purchased,zero bulb,purchased knee cap.

evening lady tailor confirmed entry.


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