Sunday, May 17, 2009

17 th may

New hope after meeting that soft skills institute.most of the news papers scanned.days ads also scanned.most of the big shops were closed.surpassed sit ups target at morning at park.girls and foot ballers head ache noted.some pain?.reduced weight at bag by removing unnessary things.managed few wash.DJ was closed.Multimedia was closed. lunch at new hotel.days press ads segregated.mailed thulasi.unable to do suveys.
evening met venkatesh and problem at placement noted.tried lovely but in wain.called jana.planned monday on papers.some what pressure noted.few more scans did at global park.vilekhari style of conent watched.

14 th,15,16 th may posts

14 th may unable to recollect?
15 th may :horrible effect of ramoji noted venkatesh delivery noted.3 payments received.1 full.

16 th may saturday.totally disturbed from elections room cutting and pasting work of ads managed.managed to be at room elections diclarations day.eve jana,ramoji met.managed tv at sign inn.prarapa failure chirus failure at palakollu noted.only seniors won in politics. many new constituencies names noted.made a areil survey at market.managed night jana met and told him every thing about vdk plan.i need to work very hard from now.

top beaches link:;_ylt=AiJtZIBXEpAaj6qY361a8QHG83wv?query=Beaches+in+India

13 th may post

Anusha ice creams,bouncer at srinivasa harware,sarayu,sv interiors,bhimas got,actic,got,featherlite got,car grooming payment got.web cam details at ravi e techs.evening. days flashes were plnat a infiltrator,seen web designers works.emails 50 plus collected.
14 may photos work aging seen.met prasad given him 2 gifts.shock at krity.i must appoint team find out how much electrical charges for an hour.if u have quality eatables ppl can come definately.sree catering payment got.delayed to go to field.given photos to chandu.handwriting samples of prasad and pics of ramojis children.evening work has gone.

12 th may post

jatara day.jana pending amount settled.optical from akka,arctic order got. bhimas order also got,feather lite also got. discussion and new hope at ravi e tecs.
new flashes for the day were which institutions are running good with collect emails and post about develop veduku into a claasy site.what is really distubing my performance? new telugu word thru news papers "VIGNAPTI".total dta after surveys is around 25. how my moves were succesful. Perseverance with direct attacks. survey.,pressa ds attacks,already feeding of deciding persons.yellowpages and kaliyuga narada data.googles help thru listing my key words.founder with photos idea.jana trafic .to relaunch delivery of gifts.donoras data.


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