Wednesday, April 15, 2009

15 th april post

Another interesting day! fridgedex payment got and hope for web project ,inspiring bhagavatar pravachan at konetikatta.BJP rally seen.purchased BATA slippers,movie seen,heat was un bearable for the day,mirror also from mom but bluntly rejected.mor jana at rarapa programme seen.venkatesh met at morning at set of glasses purshased.managed to followu shiva laminations commitment got for tom also called Anand.
even after having 2 idli and fruit juice at afternoon still hanger pangs continued at evening to note this point and plan further.met mk at durga lodge.gandhis call also from hymavati finaace sivanna.
day surprisingly gave 800/- payments. grip on local news papers cuttings had. earliar print data give response just 2 phone calls gave 200/-.

days calls,TMC,lovely fashions,ele software,Universal ac,bhwaneswari trade fair,that lasm shop.

let me to be a good wordpower grabber like gandhi and singer and stage speaker.
managed all dailies quickly at ttd buildings. no washing for the day.

pending problems: bangalore room and office at tpt,laptop,dress for occation ,gold.etc.
how to skip over current situation to think creatively write next leaftlet very nicely with driving points.


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