Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17th march post

                                        These guys worked for prajarajyam

List of loksabha contestants selected for
Congress.Junior ntr campain is getting lot of primence.Anantha krishnan a big donor for ananda nilayam.

After morning news papers i went for area tirupati by pass.Staff absense a new head ache.even after this i managed many things for the day.naresh follwup took key from anakama rao Rim activated,Torch lighter,room Freshener,New notebook,Blade,Big Laminated pic of Balaji organised to room.3 marvadi people became very freindly.Money deposited at bank.
Organised to ad in Jyothi 4 plus one read some of blog posts at room.gave 1 k to murali. sudden development of mallis daughter pic gave to siva new place lamination.
Kalpana watchmans daughter name.Knoledge abt jyothi circulation noted.

But failed to do any market from Kattula sudhakar for his web page noted.


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