Sunday, February 15, 2009

15th feb post

Due to that rally stress my body looks to be tired so got up late after having tiffen read 2 news papers felt bored at laodge tried to net cafe near by it was closed so i need to go ahead to stone house pet net cafe.when rx checked i lost placewille-stunning chance yesterday.after net rd and lot of scanning worh i went to lodge there bramha reddy joined we had lot of discussion then to tea centre from there after meeting rafi,int,alambana i went back then murali also joined mewe had big chat.

14th feb post

Night participated with Battepati rally and enjoyed song with drums walked and seen rally dynamics gave one visitng card to some one before this to laxmi srinivasa totally lost temper at them all my planning is going haywire due to them i must also plan to face this kind of situations.Inrs call received at net thulasi met but messenger played up and its also tesing my temper at net loaded few things and also blocked blogids vysyaworld,balijaworld,yadavaworld,bramhinworld,and scanned 4 more hand writing samples and posted.
At lodge lot of thinking did and fine tuned my next strategy morning returnrd album new flash of removing adsence code from nt and applying again of pan card work,buying bottu and new print of head also hand writing sample of Sambaiah.morning on the way rx guy Janardhan met got his cell number and Chalapati gudur cell number also transfered 5k in naresh account.Tremendous potenciality of prararajyam.


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