Sunday, December 24, 2017

25th monday 2017


Sunday 24th December 2017 backwards;

24th sunday 2017 sunday

jan issue ads posted;
satya chat;
called  bawa,bujji; sai NRN, Pavan;
edited marker of secret;

23rd Saturday dec; 2017;
DTP work continued at night then erox print took later edited it further at home;
secret styles; Buy N save payouts got met; Muneedra; other D W; No Noon Dr;
paid jana;
ravi opticals g plus activated;

22nd dec  Friday 2017;
Major issue is universal a/c solved;  Met Balaji  at Poorna remidies hospotal;
satya connected; Uma called; Satish called; Called sri sri; live in style;
NRN madhav; Mishita events; many of Whatsapp contacts saved;
DTP work and swollen legs;

21st Dec 2017;
Gta activated JIO;
Chandra provisions failed;
Heartburn due to bujji;
Things began to move as sabjaan; yadav and sr success stories;
11  days left for new year;
met jana windows based knowledge;

20th dec 2017
 met student xerox;
insulin dosage; defecation trouble;
milk to avoid;
ayurvedik tea purchased;
cricket watched;
puligoru lodge;
mohan reddys wish;
near sound problem;


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