Thursday, November 30, 2017

28th November 2017

Alchohol and ultimatum at home  Ok;
Milk and Vermicelli arranged;Tweeted from cell;
Seen last year ads from office;

SSR card work did; Covering letter work did; Modi and Evanka speeches;Tried Raju sapthagiri but his father met;

29th November 2017 ;
Attended one launch;

Pavan brought Fish guys payout;
Met verendra surgicals with Pavan
Loaded varsha 2 pics;
Met Munawwer at night; Slept in after noon;

30th November thursday:

Closed Varsha and took cheque with pavan surprisingly its cleared by night;
Chengiah dint tunup as per plan; night Jabardast TV show seen;
Niranjan gave one ad in eenadu;
Rains havoc;
Unable to do any ork from cafe again depressed;
Night met SSR and confirmed ad;
Refils purchased;


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