Wednesday, November 08, 2017

9th november thursday 2017

Enquired at bank but rebuke by lady for frequent visits;Long run to narapally met leela satish and sro came back; after rest to ranigunj took part from ali; and had commitment; afternoon keyword work continued; By luck missed narrow escape by breath analyser;

8th Nov wedday 2017

Md ali and tools still not transfered added to this SBI server problem; msgd them anyway;
some data colleted from field; Dropped Cheque;

Caleed Prasad; Seenaiah;  tried for NRN Worked in Bowen pally had 2 commitments and known  traitors activity;

Met Crecent;  merhaba; solution;
Night met kiran and kishore vetuku visiting cards design work had; by night i have 100 plus keywords;


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