Sunday, November 05, 2017

6th Monday November 2017

DropPED cheque;
Remind md ali and tools and spares; did and also called swetha;
meet shree sai ; Ibrahim; next guy etc;
collected data;
all plannings perfectly did;

5th november 2017 sunday

Read Times after eating upma dosa; Chilling atmosphere;

4 th november saturday 2017

Gta called;
19 fresh data from field;
New point for the day  after meeting Md Ali (better meet parties after 6 PM)
Kolkata rx flop but new point is better eat;
Met Arihant pumps;
Recd visiting cards from printer;
activated pavan entry;
Read back FR entries again;

3rd November 2017

Prasad ,Pavan,Gta called;
Sujala Metal House cheques recd;
Md ali Stats given;
Visiting design work did from kishore;
Commitment got from shree sai;
22 Field data collected;
bank number given to ramesh tools n spares;


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