Tuesday, September 05, 2017

6th Thursday ; sept; 2017

Day collapased due to power failure at home lineman saved it again to be saved by Gta to learn electric work; Milk gone; Body pains;
Bisleri water got; 
Activated Sri Catering g plus ; Teja Spoken Eng;
Loaded Pokala; pics;
lost temper at pavan;

goldenpearl call; Seenaiah call but dint meet;
Wire problem at home;
Cell ph Battery

5th Sept wedday 2017

NLR Pavans code recd and activated it;
SMS pack activated again;

Ganesh Nimajjanam at Hyderabad;
Balapur laddu; 15 lakh;
Teachers day; Tweeted;
Oral B;
Closed Caterer advance took; Old guys are upcoming to concentrate them from now;
Pavan met in night; Had discussion; Balajis friend Venkatesh;
Yellowpages letter prepared prints took and distributed few;

NVR lady met;
New Dhabas 2;
Tiles card took;
Pets guy; 2 days;

Afternoon at home;
Mp and MLA stats;

Days calls;

Kiran; booked;
phy therapist; Hope;
Durga Mobiles;Reddy;
med agncy; no use?
told Photo studio;abt google letter;
Near by Tailor card took;


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