Saturday, September 02, 2017

3 rd sept sunday 2017

3 rd sept sunday 2017;

Positive from swimming pool and ganga catering;
payout got from Taj Catering;
Pavn met at night;

2nd Sept Saturday 201

 New hope from some new calculations at office; Quickly seen Rx; Zaminryot; Net is slow; 1 round walk at TTD;
One web design co poster seen sms sent later met her at evening; Tweeted;
Quickly re activated Ponnala; Rk awards; ctr DW;
Mukha parichayam  sunil tex saved; Bags failure;
Got Usha optical g plus;
Huge repair proces did;
Enquired Mobile ph battery;
RIM Top up did;
Pavan missbehaved again; SMS sent for renewals;
one new ad seen; It rained before going to work; pasuparthy failed;
Told Ram thulasi about letter;
Tried Ricemart;
Sweet stall old; That catering;
CalledTaj catering;
Manhar Reddy was busy with real estate proiect;
(Re activated ctr  DW;
sri venkateswra catering g plus; Rk shields)
edit venkateswara cycle;
pavan; jana;
Purchased  Insulin; &
ground nuts;
SMS sent to Mishita events; renewals; jagan Samosa; roshine; Arjun electricals;pariwar;
Repair proces began; 
msgs to
1. mun; 2.pavan; 3.jana; 4.Uma; 5.saidk; 6.sekharbhai; 7.chinna; 8.ash; .9.Naga Sai; 10.web design guy;


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