Thursday, August 31, 2017

sept 2017

20 g plus;
2 districts;
Renue NT

Down by cell ph charger;
laptop charger;
byke service;

1st october 2017 Friday

1st october 2017 Friday;

prg  Bhoni for the month  saved the day; tried as many 17 calls;
3 sms sent for renewals;
1 event guys card took at Tiruchanoor;
DW Ramesh failed again;
DW for Monday;
Chalam DW seen busy;
Stock; sr failed; RK Bhavan failed; Met saloon; caterer;
2 calls from Gtas Chinnanna and related arguments;
Missed dose of voveransr;

Quickly took 7 prints from cafe small font?;
Tomato; idli Pindi;Onion; (yerragadda;)
Pavan dint change and absent again;


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