Thursday, August 10, 2017

11th Aug; friday 2017;

segu uma maheshwar

Had lunch at Jafrullah Home and dinner at Umas Home;
Room shifted to down;No closings for the day renewal from Sekhar Op;
Poaka called had word with photographer and that nice;
Managed airtel top up; Morning Devuni kadapa area seen; Life pharma failure and so Mohan; Met Challa;Rajampet Pavan electricals g plus activated and thats it; SMS sent; Took Xerox of byke papers took;

10th August 2017

Jafrullah met and had nice time; My own inititation; Looks like all is gone; Met Meenakshi hotel; Byke parking is a problem; Bath Room light is another head ache;Thanks to the afternoon sleep; Gta replied to msg; Closed one opticals; Met Challa; Visited rly stn;Rangoli flop story; Dw Old man flop again; SR no use; Cell battery problem; Missed BP Tablet; Roamed around under rain in morning had Coffee; Tea; Upma; Seen nabikot; Ravindra nagar areas; Some data retrieved after coming to Lodge; Called Akka next week sankaraiah daugters marriage; Morning took Xerox of kadapa prints;

Just managed yesterday; Hot in the night;
Scanned Eenadu in morning;
Thank god Laptop is working;

9th Wed day august 2017; Byke trip to kadapa

Suddenly decided to go to kadapa and reached Safe enroute Rajampet very sratinful journey rain on the way  took lodge in YV st and roamed around the city;
 Bambo forest on the way to Kodur

Bambo forest on the way to Kodur

 Had tea at Dhaba slept on Cot

sro office Pullampet 1864


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