Friday, July 21, 2017

22nd saturday july 2017

careforca took; G plus code for Golden pearl recd and set marker also;
Managed 20 posters in morning; 12 sms also managed;
22nd july Saturday  2017:
Read zryot;Pasted posters at ; R R colony TK street; Hire labour for posters;
Naidu cars work did; No response yet for poster evn after 170 plus;

sms To KVR;
Re Claim few; KM; g plus;

26 july wed day: 2017 ads,

free,meluha technologis ltd;,
Meluha Tech ltd;

PC Rayalu tirupati
PC Rayalu

subhsree tirupati saree showroom offers

21st July Friday 2017

One closing gave some inspiration; Problem form Big of ???
i alone can paste 50 posters; manged another 5 sms;
lekhari is ready again with 2 adsense codes; dr pasupuleti Flex seen;
Forgot to note new hoteal at American bar area; Rush seen at  Naga Sai currry point;
ads label ceated;

Morning poster pasting wok continued all alone 18 plus taking them to 148;
2 paper scan; tweeted for K; SENT SMS TO JANA ;

pics posted for Sri Balaji agencies thanks to gta;
Identified spots in TK street;

lekhari stats seen;  500 plus views?
Big poster needed; yes;
New analysys from big of styles;

Manage 5 field calls and 10 sms;
Consolidate e ads;

pragya ca academy tirupati ledu sms sent
kavalenu sms sent
doctorsacademysms sent
Priyanka caterers
sri MD Caterers 

20th July 2017

Morning posters work continued took help of one guy pasted almost 70 plus posters in main area kalnala street; Paid jana 2.5 K later and told about edits; Call recd from Sri balaji took pics and edited page from his shop; power cut in morning; managed 10 sms;

Night purchased paste again; pasted 10 plus year wise plan to make suggestion came from GTA; Call recd from mgrmall;


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