Friday, July 14, 2017

15th July saturday 2017

Days Calls plan;

Continued TPT maps work crossed 100 mark;
Met New Biryani hotel took visiting card; 
Called Gangaram failed; sms sent; 
Called big of styles failed hyd; 
Met Golden Pearl Inn shown them blog posts;
jana called back low voice;
50  days  bhatyam storage left on hand;
few more songs added to blog;
Gta called;

rajasthan lassi;
Claim few;
Byke work;
Re activate caterer again;
Content for Golden pearl;
kadapa guy lakshmi narayan bhavan met;

dr jp reddy nellore


Read zaminryot;

FP pls;
(Drug Mafia;  LSD; arrests;
maraka dravyam;
subbaraju; actor;
akun sabarwal; Enforcement Director;
momaith Khan;
shivaji Raja;)

14th july 2017 friday

Got up very late; something wrong with over night food;
Few more famous songs added to  blog list;
Interaction with Gtas bro;
Paid june  electricity bill;
jana called up;
Met Kuppaiah rx guy;
Nice after noon sleep;
Nice c pakora;
No field work day but reviews posted;


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