Wednesday, July 05, 2017

6th July thursday 2017

kalakata venkata ramana
kalakata venkata ramana

Tweeted; Florist G Plus activated; 80 plus reviews posted; poor idli at hotel later idli at home is ok;; 
Times & jyothy paper eenadu read; 
paid eenadu paper bill;
updated diary; Call from sks recd ?; Sent sms to glamzone;  Purchased  Insulin; needles.
Pavan ; Jana;
Sent 10 twitter mailers; attended office; Pvan dint respond;

Send reminder too Sree dream check July renewals; 
followup sultan nlr dtp;
(Target Times ads; Eeads;)
call Hariharan Bhimas; find code;
(Pamu pandaranga Rao acb; rs rs 500/- crore scam;)

5th wed day 2017

Pm Modis visit to israel

Msg sent to jana and he responded; Msg sent to pavan; Amrutha Cheque form filled; latter dropped; Arguments with Gta on rent issue new ideas emerged gave her 1 k; Tweeted anyway; asked Pavan to meet rajasthan lassi;
Prints took from Cyber cafe;
Met MGR tough time to convince them gave twitter proposal letter;
brought home rs 100/- vegitables; walked around vegitable market for yadav Gopi DW;
Night closed one event maker took advance;

(Anthariksham; Balopetham; Ugravadam ; Teevraveedam;)

followup beauty Parlour;
send reminder too sree dream check July renewals; followup sultan;

Target Times ads; Eeads;

call Hariharan Bhimas;
Buy laptop Mat;


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