Tuesday, July 04, 2017


18 mailers posted today so tatal is 23 now; Night arranged things to home; telugu velugu purchased;

Message recd from Pavan nellore abt cheque; Met DW got commitment; Power of review for google customers known many reviews posted; Night Chengaiah met; Night Twitter analytics seen gained confidence;

4th July Tuesday 2017:

Edited  mallisetty; Tweeted; collected e ads;
50 reviews posted other reviews posted on Blog;
18 mailers sent;
Pavans msg; chengaiah call;

Buy Overan;
Fill cheque of Amrutha and tell Gta to drop it; 
Edit Ice creams;

3rd July Monday 2017

Ratnam colleges neet  full page ad;
Attended office filing and Rd did; Stock ok; Pavan met; Pavan met mallisetty; gta chinnamma died; Buiscuits purchased; Bit hot day;
Called sultan from office;
4 msgs sent;

Morning at office amma colors guy met and I met Sesha padma he wasnt there;


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