Wednesday, June 28, 2017

29th june thursday 2017

50million views

1.Mail recd from google; My photos posted on google for veduku 1379  hits for pics  50 lakh 12 387;singapore maps listings are not available;
2.*** Met Amrutha sho mall; good Dress; Yes did it; had his commitment;
3.Prints of SM DTP;  yes had them 20 edited prints on hand;
4.Met naidu DW; saturday;
5.Call Nlr DTP guy; yes did it;
6.Maps Rajahmundry;
7.Pavan? responded for SMS;
Go again to Amrutha;
TRy yoga Prabha;;
The Hub;

28th wed June 201

Vastly improved tweeting pressence spere;
Not visited office;  sending letter seems to better option;
Prepared letter edited it from another cyber cafe;
Pavan absent ? answer is ads from my side;
Cities data CHN; Bangalore; Mumbai; Vizag; vja; and also other AP; TN cities;
>>>Ms Lodge guy and  Excel stationary  paid;

Balaji stationary met envolopes purchased;
10 plus data collected from field;
Met Munawwer known abt wifi data options;
Dongle airtel data recharge did;
Known abt laptop and smart phone parts;


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