Friday, May 26, 2017

27th may saturday 2017

Bell Plasy is still a difficulty in field work;

3 Dailies scanned; sms sent to Jana and Pavan and they have responded;; Electrol; norflox tini took; Petrol;
retrieved some data from net; Edited atoz; Consolidated mynlr further; gill biography saved; stomoch trouble solved;

(Days field calls; 
Mobile Hub;Nursery hope emerged The Hub; Ruchi Curries corner;)

+++Seen Old papers at office;
Seen  Bangalore Rxcard;
Zaminryot ads posted;
pavan contributions 2017,2016 posted;
Byke engine oil work did;
jana gave commitment again;
nellore DTP guy got  spidered;
telugu velugu,ipl files at Blog;
Edited postings again;
Had Borugula mixture in evening;
Subba reddy sr scientifics called;
Long situp with SR scientifics Subba Reddy Lakki Reddy palli rayachoti;; Edited sesha padmavathi; mgrmall g plus activated; feed back recd for amrutha shopping mall;

Friday 26th May 2017

 g plus listings are going fast; Called the hub; Jana has replied; sent 18 messahes; mynellore edited further; Points given; heat? tweeted; retrieved lenivi ; e ads just 3; 100 plus data from field collected; g plus are going fast to take care;
personal letters to ledu guys idea; google has improved g plus accounts at one place; indigestion; chinnanna gone; Seen old papers at office again; new board seen atv Refac;
points file;
g plus verification 5 k;
lenivi retrieval will get 1 k;
sms sent gets 1 k;
ead post gets 5 k;
one blog post with pics gets 1 k
 I T ID 5 K;
one name gets 1 k
one  field call gets 1 k mukha parichayam 
1 press ad gets 10k marks;
1 paper issue geta 1 lakh power;

MAABOO CARS 94409 77277      ledu 18  my rank no 1;

Royal Associates& Consultancy  94407 53171 99850 11171     ledu 17

SREE VENKATESWARA SILPA SALA   9848689367  9701417617 ledu 16

Kannam satish babu  9440096158  ledu

MARUTHI CUSTOMS & MOBILES 9885967234  ledu 15

RR Palace lodge 9441549992  ledu 14

kalajali Orchestra  9885665530  9573754343  ledu 13

GUnda anji 9849049356  

Sri Venkataramana Steel House

nellore agencies 9849466644

ch mohan Kumar naga lakshmi agencies  99893 86456   3 rd place

sri geetha electricals  9030-739751

ambika tile V.veera raghava reddy 94407 90903  3 rd place  ledu 12;

CAKES PARADISE 94920 07216   undi 4 th place 

pasumarthy 7382140788  ledu 11

Vimal junction BHASKARA RAO CELL 9347100725 undi 3 rd place 

chinni stills  98485 87199 ledu 10;

sriven 9704122888  ledu9 sulekha 

ZIAUDDIN CONSULTANTS 9848394671 ledu8 first 

SRI BHARATH BUILDERS 94402 79668 web site ??

VENU FLOWER Decorators in Nellore :9849273092 ledu7 but can be tried for web site;

suneel-kumar-reddy-atla LEDU  9866600900 l6

Anu Art Jewellery 9490046452, 9493727069   ledu

sri balaji enterrprses  9989092629

face dental  8008199420 ledu 
bertha fitness studio ledu
susana reddy restaurant     tirupati ledu
r r hospital   tirupati ledu

sitara ladies beauty parlour tirupati ledu 19;


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