Saturday, May 20, 2017

21st sunday may 2017

21st sunday may 2017;

support Pavan;
retrieve further;
may left over renewals;
send msg to cherry aqua;
pending payouts on hand;
msg to mk pharmacy; 9100416121,8790826596
CONTACT K.S.PridvirajGattimelam;A.PRAKASH
CELL 9966222757perfect bearings;
REACH BUSINESS SYSTEMS  099639 71417 tirupati

pendings on hand;
1.naresh opticals;
3.gangaram km;
5.pavan school;
6.the hub;
7.vinayaka suppliers;
8. amrutha s m;
9. bhagwan; global ref;
mr ads;
loka ads;
new photo studio;
Shri Pavan Traders 
8977723143, 8801858522
Nainar gopi;
venkatesh shilpi;
recent smooth sailing;
1.sai krishna
4.sai sudha; dhyana sai;
5.pavan school
6.the hub; shifted;( summer overl; can work more;)
8. eenadu grabbers;
9. renewal reminders;
12. may; June renewal list;
13.Pavans contribution; continued contribution to home;
15.pavan nlr trip;
16.organised things at office;
17.bisleri water;
18. dhobi opposite;
19.chinna; suneetha and chinnanna visit;
20.broom stick to office;
21.cell pharmatting;
22.pipe nd mirror to home;
23.rice to home;
24. nlrone old issues;
25. alt tag and retrived eenadu ads;
26. started snding sms as remote login method; achievements file;

May 20th saturday 2017

Sleep disturbance had throught the night; So got up early and began the work;
life time achievements; checked emails; june renewals listed out; Still hot atmosphere; loaded some more pics; gta helped to retrieve labels; ADS collection work continued; Money shortage arriving fast; Miss behavior by mayura fast foods. Where the money has gone? mailed Jana; Bhawar called for of vetuke archive pdf;

Met mgrmall took pics he sent it on google drive access? Ok sent 9 messages; Gta asked cash hickup; Pavan called; amutha still in pending; Hick up on Vinayaka suppliers too;
Met new Sindhuri surgicals; mayura vastra nilayam; June renewals listed in Morning;

1.Adsense licence; 2.vetuku paper in english and postal power team at NLR; 3.300 plus google clients 4.Byke on hand; 6.Marketing and Human relationships knowledge; 7. English Knowledge; 8.Google knowledge; in tpt;
10.jana tie up; 11.Gta;12. alt tag; 13.telugu velugu; 14.old papers 15.Old ad cuttings;
16.Pavan;17.Ramkumar; 18 teams NRN etc; 19.rx knowledge; comfort; 21.Blogger 10 posts; 22.twitter support; accounts above 300 24. eeads grbber work; 25.lekhari retrieved; NT; 26. 3g net; laptop; whatsapp developments; 27. sms techknology;

Days Tasks;
Edit Maple;


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