Monday, April 17, 2017

18th April tuesday 2017

add thulasi content for may issue; see last year my of vetuku;
Scan EEnadu;

17th april 2017

Very hot again during the day;
used ph called maple; dhyana sai;
Fr (first rank post) work did today; Sri hari vibhavam; pavans interaction; K M payout are the prime stories of the day; used ph; followup with Biruva guy;

17th April Monday 2017

Call biruva guy at 8 AM

Go out early;
Plan for eenadu ad;
Scan EEnadu ads at office;
Use hone; Vinayaka;
My calls;
K M 
Coaching centres;
get Milk; Colgate;
May issue content;

16th th April sunday 2017

Days Flash;Ask with colour leaflet;

Huge developments had for the day used entire sunday to consolidate futher; First being created page for web design and posted for entire Andhra, Telangana districts with the help of Gta edited it agaian in afternoon took long time for this; Evening saved many ads and retrieved old clients data from cafe; Chinna and Balaji and Ashwin interactive whsts app Chat had; Elite friends list of life analysed; Visited office and scanned entire Telugu Velugu ads but stink unbearable there; cheacked at IPL sponcerers at night;


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