Thursday, April 13, 2017

14th April Friday 2017;

Arguments at morning; Mor Eenadu ads analysed;
Jolt from Hemadri new idea merged; Met munawwer

Laptop net top up did;
Purchased; telma h;
Met Nellore paradise hope emerged;   met K m; Pets;Transfered few more things to office; Cleaned office;
Sweet masti met;

Pavan responded;
baba saheb amdkar 
see sweet magic;
Nellore paradise;
nveen dental; RNR;
Edit dr nagamma;
Take prints from cafe  of whom to followup Train journey;;

Retrieve current eenadu ads again; 

Add pavan to

13th April Thursday; 2017

1.Morning retrieved eeads from net;Out of  Telugu Velugu 55 issues i have 51 on hand at office; Telugu velugu organised at office is a good move for the day;

2.Pawan was put in work and said did 5 plus calls sit up with him and also helped him relaxed in eden park long wait;

3.Seen K K function hall amid heat; Om shakthi; supplier; opp mini mart; tried to meet shanmugam decorator;
Calls at field;
4.Eve; nainar gopi; Munawwer khan; Hemadri; famous dry clean; cash withdrawn; Milk to home;

See Tel vel;


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