Friday, April 07, 2017

10th April Monday 2017

10th April Monday 2017;;

9th April sunday 2017

9th April Sunday 2017;

Consolidated Eenadu  data  further from home but still insecrity continued;;
Shopping did under hot sun some kind of weakness;
Had Prawn;
Days IPL match  seen:

8th April saturday 2017

8th April saturday 2017;

Activated syam embroidery;
Activated Mayura hotel; Sree sadguru

Hair Cut; shampoos;

plan sunday

sri balaji;
jai sankar;

7th April friday 2017

100;Took Telugu velugu to office; 
90;paid rent; new paper;
80;winding up plans of Munawwer? for got cell there;
70;30 k to get from field; dont ask help;
60;Lot of pushing work from cyber cafe;
50;Seen good traffic for 2 days?
40;Adv planning to do;
30;Tower every hour;
20;seen IPL again;
10;Self confidence pls;
5;Horrible heat managed field work;
1.Gave vetuku to siva sankar caterer got his commitment;
2.Candys; Paper given;
3.Met Sarees chowdaiah;
4.Gave vetuku to Sabjan;
5.Kept paper @ Naidu;
6.G K Ramu
7. Gave papers to office guys and filing work did; 2plus,2 plus 2;
8. Closed Mayura fast foods;
9. Gave access to vasthu guy;
10. Luckey payout from Syam embroidery;

6th Thursday April 2017

Reached back Tirupati; Took rest in afternoon; Power hickups faced; Evening Recd Gama payout google letter and sticker help is new thing for the day; cash withdrawn and paid house rent;  Recd vetuku by bus; seen ipl; match;


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