Saturday, March 18, 2017

19th March sunday 2017

SUNDAYS record activated  Sai Padma; and Dr mahal saree shop g plus;
Met fish guy; Mssaged Chinna; ash; mun;
Arranged chicken;
2 g plus activations; sai padma; dr mahal saree shop;
consolidated jddata; 
watched cricket;
long  innings  of pujara seen;
launch of 2 shops;

18th March saturday 2017

heeramartonline;heerajewellery taken;
Seen last 6 months blog;

See Mr ads night;
Watch Eenadu ads in office;
Further consolidate;

17th March friday 2017

Night bouncer from Gopi; Depression after Kamalakar; and poor response from field;

Met S K Frames some hope emerged;;
Morning calls hope from Sweets; New call;
Tailors; cloth shop;New call;
ladies tailor;New call;
Furniture New call;
exposure of new area;
Very hot day!


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