Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22nd feb 2017; wed day

Met BUY N Save got TTD diary;
Met super market;
Activated 2 g plus;(super market; sai padma;)
Payout and exposure Coffee had  from Sri  Nandhi
Met Munawwer;
Some more entries loaded;

21st Monday feb 2017
Took back wrappers from printer;
Morning payout got from manasa;
Evening met sai Padma Traders;
Evening panduranga Corp payout got;
met Tv shop;
Morning physio lady met;
Met one paints shop;

19th feb sunday 2017
Morning addresses counted;Took wrappers and stamps to to printer and handed over; water problem soretedout;
laptop continued to playup; whatsapp problem emerged from Murali later expellecd from group;  Met Munawwer;

Mouse problem in cafe; called Muni krishna  Balaji kalyana Mandapam; Morning fishes payout recd; NRN called;  Some kind of stomach problem;


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