Sunday, January 15, 2017

16th Jan 2017 Monday

Big closings please;
More clients more calls pls;
Opticals payout;
Left home with disturbance;
Filing did at office  and paid rent some confusion there;
Used the phone to call sar sai but couldnt keep appointment;   Sullupet DW responded anyway;Closed one client for the day; Distributed 5 copies of vetuku; nadidu DW paper sttement;
Mr ads failed again; met Bhavani had his commitment;
bad comment on my age by Vada guy; Met munawwer and had his tip of covering nearby and new Business hope;
Took prints from cafe and analysed data at night but indulgence crossed;
Had whatsapp chat response form all; Some more data collected from field;
Yes nod had from mobiles guy;


15th jan 2017

Kanuma day;  Luckey payout at fishes saved the day;
Keep Ganesha Electricals add again; Called Chinna and Balaji;  Entire day spent time in organising tirupati dates work from home;

14th jan 2016

More entries only can save
Sankranthi day tweeted; Had whatsapp chat with friends; Purchased 2 more dailies sakshi and jyothi and scanned them all;
Old friend Jayram Reddy called in night; Dosage crossed; Data collection work continued despite festival; Posted some data in morning and again in night to the blog; Lot of eenadu ads seen in morning and updated them in entries list;


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