Tuesday, January 10, 2017

11th Jan Tuesday; 2017

launch of khaidi no 150;

Next move;
Take up postal list work
Team is must;Ambush to continue;
Income please;
No noon else dares;
archana travels; 
Save eenadu ads;
papers left on hand;
paper distribution work to continue;

3 g top up did; florist and nadini said ok;
Net prints pls;
Meet sri sai and sri lekha;
continued dates work;
Data collection work continued;
other calls for the day are;
ramana tailors;Body freezer; Call from caterer naga Sai;
Kunkuma saree; Hotel

10th Jan Tuesday 2017

Tpt  and nellore dates work continued throught the day; srisaiads t id saved;
Posted Rajugari ruchulu and D w sullurpet;
Very late to field work; Field calls; Tiles shop gave paper to Aachari boys;  D W 4 papers distributed; 2 kg onion plus soup powders; Insulin syringes purchased;
Met govind reddy again tuesday effect;met sr lady ;
Data collected again  from field and also updated; Few new faces got  introduced;
Call from Sivathandavam guy; 3 g evoporated from cell;

Ashwins tips had;


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