Friday, December 30, 2016

29th December

Hyper hunger levels in morning poor chutney at Ramalingapuram; Fresh  Diclaration  work took new trun took back old addresses papers  and spent much time with it and replaced it with new seenaih address this is really good turn for the trip; Team work fetched; Rim zym, engineer, and Idli guy; 

Seen old issues at Rambabu last year work fetched; Fights in abdulla cafe;
Purchased Blue shirt and Baanian; Severe leg pains throught the day due to that byke fall; wash managed at night;

28th Dec 2017

Morning 50 more entries of launching dates of Nellore loaded from cafe; Paints payout recd; followed by 3 near by calls; Evening work with NRN and Suresh fetched but had Bykes fall; Met Dinesh  and Navya took pics;


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