Saturday, December 24, 2016

26th Monday December 2016

6 days left for new year;

Called RDO;
at 2pm;

1.Gta lights;
2.Dress guys;
3.S V Book links;
4.Modern stores;
5.Durga Bhavani swets;
6.National jewellery;
6.Fancy electricals;
7.Durga Bhavani  sweets
8.  SCXB;
9. Nrn;

25th December Sunday 2016

SCB payout; gta trouble and mssged chinna; posted yesterdays blog; 

100 nellore startup dates retrieved; Karun Nair content added;

24th December Saturday 2016

 Hectic day!

This time met RDO directly;  Used mobile and called  5 people all flex guys; 
Field calls dint fetch at all despite hard work ; Byke is used for Seenaiah and NRN;
Pending blog posts of two day posted; 2 and half hour net surfing; Mr ads g plus code received and activated it; 2 fresh activations managed; suresh tailors; Subba reddy tirupati;
 Pwd changed for vilekhari1;
1.Ramesh flex;(Flop)
2.National Jewellery;  he was busy;
3.Sri Sai lights
4.Simhapuri glass;
5.SV book links; (Monday;)
6.Met one video 
7.Cosmetics guy; card took;
8. geetha lights;

Poor drink at new place;
Night meet up at sai cafe;
Met madhu; raja; samba; alambana; Ravi sankar;
lawyer paper purchased; Unable to sit for long time;
Night blanket at Lodge saved but poor sleep;

23rd December 2016; Friday;

Anam Viveka nanad areddy December 23, 1950  flex board throught the city on hid birthday occation but no press ads;Morning analysed December work thats confidence booster;Trip o Gudur successful  had exposure of long straight of bypassroad plus hoardings of Gudur took some pics;  Ramanaiah RDO guy;Jana came to chat;

Night fights in bar; Had apple;


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