Sunday, December 18, 2016

20th December 2016 Tuesday

20th December 2016 Tuesday

19th December 2017 Monday

1.To office; take RNI; up talk time;   3.Top up 3 g; 
4.Call pavan
5. some field Calls;
6.After Lunch Travel to Nellore 
7.Take prints of target sheets;

18th December 2016 sunday;

My targets and Pavans segregated this is good work; 111 and 21
Partha dental ; Positive Homeopathy ads on home page;
Days Eanaadu ads; regal fitness leela Mahal;Raju gari ruchulu;Tweeted;
Apple lounge; One luckey closing saved the day;

Ashwins suggestions anyway; To catch ad agencies booking agents;


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