Thursday, December 15, 2016

17th dec saturday 2016

17th Dec Saturday 2016;
OMG Blank day despite joint work;  Another top up; Did almost 6 calls with pavan met alankruta;took Kalamkari work pic; nandini  fast foods raju gari ruchulu; cauvery, fast foods guy;  siout with Pavan at Eden park someone also joined;

Morning lot of work did at home for January issue; Took Gta to Near govinda raja swamy teple purchased calender and sent it by courier; Purchased Jyothi calender; 
Night joined with Ashwin had long time chat;

16th december friday 2016

Morning jolt  ads are missing and arguments with gta; Me and pavan in work Iam successful; Bastard play again no reporting; Told  Manaohar Reddy about late pay;
Modaliar success; Eshwar Opticals,  S R Scientifics, Secret Styles are success stories;
Byke fallen and lever broken got it repaired it anyway Naik cell phone saved; 

Met Rx guy; 7 gb top up this time plus cell ph top up 2 weapons are ready; Arguments galore due to Tv; Ashwins request to come to nellore to decide; called NRN;
Followup did with Harini  received jpg image but its not saving; Ganesha electricals to Singapore; SR Scientifics son got introduced; PICS of eshwar; Secret; Modaliar ; Subba Reddy took;

Gta continued work at home; ( field calls managed for the day; huge top up 0f 7 gb; night ads work did from home;

CONTACT LENS & OPTICALS shops in tirupati

18-2-7 korla gunta main road TIRUPATI 
cell; 9542214102,9440174011

Mr Ads flex printers in Tirupati

Mr Ads
Dno 20-1-91/D
Abbanna Colony
Cell; 7207301122, 7207307799

Mr Ads flex printers in Tirupati

Mr Ads flex printers in Tirupati

Had 46 Closings;


Swetha Saree Mandir  

Women's Clothing Store
Address: 1-9-309/a, achut reddy marg adikmet roadnear super market,
 Hyderabad, 500044
Phone: 040 2761 1332

Camera Centre Tirupati

Camera Centre 
#20-1-91/E tirumala bypass Road
Opp Sk food Korla gunta junction
Contact; S.Abdul Rasool cell;  94949 18000

We Deal in 
Camera Repair & Services
Camera Repair & Services-Sony
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Camera Lens Cap Dealers


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