Wednesday, December 14, 2016

15th dec; thurday; 2016;

Edited price list from srdevi complex lady and later got it xeroxed then given to pavan;
Loaded few of marriage vedeos; Night Chintala chenu apartment and gave leaflet to lady;
days calls 1.Djon; 2. achari; 3.harini;4; fishes; 
5.Called aravind marraige contractor;
6.Music guy;
7.Chitala chenu;

Anju dr srujana  daughter pics loaded;
Eve traffic on karakambadi roads;
December month re alalysed;
Kept Accupressure ads;Mumbai rx checked;
Lloyd exclusive show room ad;
dojin smart restaurant  met gave letter; world tea day 
Dr srivani Devuru 
chadala vada sucharita birth day;
ventramana  Ex MLA 2nd death annivarsary;
Dharani properties;

annapurna catering;
rajaram catering;
Sai sudha corp;
sumanth homes;
raghavendra marriage contractor; tiruchanur;
pakkalamma temple; c siva prasad; cell; 98662 82113;

Arvind mar contractor; s naga raj; 9666599389;
sri amarajyothi group of kalyana mandapam; n balaram naidu;
classic events; chintalachenu;  
visneswara towers;siva;988520761
kommu rakesh; chenchaih yadav

cloud 9;
Star Dental;
Sri lekha restaurant;
partha dental;
Nri academy;
Vasavi Agencies;
Global ac;
31.Accor school;
32.Balaji enterprises;

Annapoorna; fishes;
Manal residency
J P Dental;

raju gari ruchulu; (not in ggl maps )

Edit price list;
use ph pls; Dr  J P  Reddy;
maintain 5 plus call average;
Tooth Brush;
Take card from Optical guy;
Still more content to add up;
Consolidate further;

14 th December 2016 wednesday;

6 Field  calls 4 k income for the day;  Sudhakar neuro; Pavan met at night had Chat;
Prints took in after noon from Cafe later analysed the data in it so this is another big achivement for the day; Segregated eenadu local ads 100 plus in morning;

Success at Harini; Camera centre;  back at home gta started pasting work; xerox of addresses took; Drpped the cheque at KVB:
brought home; odonil; 

14th dec wed day 2016

Organised  januaray  vetuku 2017 issue; Blankets to clean regularly EEnadu;
Tpt EEnadu local issue 105 target ads listed out;

2017;Jan issue
activate mr ads; nutty delite;

1.Camera Guy renewal +++; Use phone;
Secret Styles;
Call  Dr J P reddy nlr;
4.Subba Reddy
5. J P dental;
6. Get net prints;
7. Call Pavan
Collect  card from Bhavani opticals;

Bus stand;
Keep mughl e azham content;
Watch Rx file and activate  tpt team;
Other ads on eenadu work to list  out quickly;
ttd diary and calender;
listout other eenadu ads segregated;


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