Monday, December 12, 2016

crisis management

Crisis management plans;
gangaaram;opp   km
Nlr renewals; Is one source;
balance at bank;
Reduce ind;
adsense income;
Some advances from Vendors;

2017 targets;

12 issues with good number of pages;

uniformal rx trials;
identify big ad spenders;
machine and man and ads power to increase; to budjet this;
get funding; ads with vetuku;
increase google plus and eenadu ads;
Top cities data;
Learn dreamweawer;
gta must be skillful on dtp;
seo skills to improve;
begin ad words;

nellore dues, dates clients;
S s catering;
durga bhavani;
venkatrama books;
amma uction hall;
silver guy;
gold palace;
jain gold;
sex doctor;
simhapuri glass;
Gudr furniture;
raja furniture;
Flex guy;Subhamasthu;
Near Naga malla reddy house cloth guy;
sai nathan;
gta lights;

tirupati hit list for jan 2017 issue;

subba reddy
Gopal reddy
surgicals 3 parties;2 acharis; camera guy;
Pavans contribution; parties; Chandragiri;
dental; d w chandra giri;
eswar opticals;

13th december tuesday 2016

No power in morning suffered so very late to field work one luckley closing followed by hunger and indulgence; Took stamps and  prints of addresses and  4 old issues for nellore postal dept; Retrieved left over Eenadu papers and ads  listed out from them; night Keyword consolidation work did  for Chennai,Bangalore,mumbai,Delhi,pune,ahmedabad,kolkata; Had vegitalble soup and Regipallu;

Flashes for the day; take Pics of all clients; and emails to collect;

shops establishments at tirupati chronologically

vasavi sweets 1987
Buy n save 1998


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