Friday, December 09, 2016

vishadam;10 th december; saturday; 2016; v


Unable to use phone; theplabo t id;
Scanned zaminryot; eenadu; loaded eye doctors entry of nellore;Tweeted;Jan  2017 content work began; unable to work as per plan in field; again gold loan took; Managed to meet Buy n save and get small order; visited office; Scanned Telugu velugu;

Night purchased insulin needles;  Milk; overan sr; gas trouble tablets; Gtas help and funding had again; Met Bhavani opticals;

Worked on hyderabad categories for longtime;

1.Subba reddy;
2.Buy N Save;
3.Camera guy;
4.Andhra surgicals;

Jan hit list;
Attach vising card;

2.J P Dental;
3.Camera guy;
4.surgicals; subba reddy; bobby;
5. call scin doc; dr sirisha;
6.achari; sculptor;
8. sapthagiri  call;
9. nlr care dental;
10; subhamasthu;
11.dr sirisha;


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