Tuesday, October 25, 2016

25th October tuesday

Worked  and did only 4 calls one surprise result could hve worked more poor planning again;
By night twitter chronology file comleted; 20 plus data collected again; one Dw writer payout saved the day; 2 g plus activation did for the day; contributed home; Night lord venkanna meramani attended; reduced indulgence; called RDO guy; NRN; seenaiah;

Meditation did at morning; i alone cant make it; need ads;Team;
Surprising vilekhari 26 700 Try big ; COMPLETE SEO;
(sai plus; Big A)
Road no 36;
print of twitter content; read ids again; 
Send few more mails; Coffee cup;

24th October 2016 monday

Morning reorganised  twitter chronology page and suprprised with it; very late to field work still it has fetched; managed only 4 calls with devi;  2 more commitments got;1 phone call; 2 mails sent;  nose cap purchased on return;
Night twitter content edited;


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