Wednesday, April 20, 2016

25th sept Sunday day 2016

25th sept Sunday day 2016;

Poor night sleep but anyway reached Hyderabad cool;
quickly released byke reached home but distance too long; Seen Rx book; Again had the exposure of riding the city;

differences? Poor fecilities;

To read back last year trip pls;

24th sept Saturday 2016

24th Sept Saturday 2016;

All went off cool vehicle booking travelling to nellore  boarding train and telling owner about Hyderabad trip etc; Called RDO; Met Pennateeram guy; waiting till 11 pm and doubt of train was hick up but found the way; People show off;

23rd sept Friday 2016

23rd Sept Friday 2016:

Managed to post another 10 mailers night Party of balaji and met venkatesh;

22st sept Thusday 2016

Varada: vaana;  Vaagu; vanka; rain; Floods; jalaashayam; paravallu; pravaaham; Neeru; lotattu; nastam; mumpu; lothattu;

22nd sept Thusday 2016;

Morning  did lot of R & D  to ages file of blog;Miracle again Naga Sai Curries call received later took payout loaded 20 photos and activated g plus at night from home; Took google maps  verification letter prints took from cafe; Sankyo added to my friends group known about medical reps meetup on 25th sept; Pavan called later met varsha at night; New trouble is varsha is not getting verified?Seen pirates of Carribben movie in afternoon poor chicken curry;

Met D W naidu; Ayyappa had commitment but unable to meet him in evening; R & d did on how many closings had for each year100 closings had so far for 2016; Called pennatheeram; Gta called this time; lot of interaction in whatsapp group; Met Swagruha girl this time; Reactivated some of old g plus clients;

Tried to pok into Mahaveer jewellers some shoutings seen inside so came out;
Night twitter R & D did and seen many top following celebs;

21st sept Wedday 2016:

21st sept Wedday 2016:

Activated arvind caterer;Stunning info jd had 148 verified Chainnai customers;

2.Morning heartburn from arvind caterer; 2.No use even after meeting naga sai; jdvf caterers R & d did; 3.managed to post 7 more mailers from office; 4. Met munawwer  small boucer but yes nod had; 5.few more prints took from cafe; 6.verify idea has emerged and mailer prepararion work began around 5 re activated; 7.night met purple; 8.Loneliness trouble;9.Curry prepared at home but by morning anta to rice/ 10.Activated 11. water guy came; 12. Brought Blog prints to home; 12.around 20% have verified their google accounts; 13. seen Pirates movie; 14. managed courier to Hyd with bill book; 15.called pavan;

Deli 420
Mumbai 267
Pune 209Chennai 148; jdvf
Bangalore 140
Hyderabad 137
Mysore 73
Ahmedabad 70
Kolkata 90
Vijayawada 14;

Visakha 16
Tirupati 12 jdvf
Madurai 12
Trivandrum 6
Nellore 4 jdvf
Kadapa 3
Kurnool 5
anantapur 4
ongole 5
guntur 3
mahbub  zero
nalgonda 1
khammam 2
nizamabad 5
adilabad zero

Days Tasks; Complete Courier and posting work;
take youtube print;
Call seenaiah; Diclaration guy; Pennateeram;
Meet Purple;
October content;

20th Sept Tuesday 2016

20th Sept Tuesday 2016;

New info is vidya balan is on twitter with vidya_balan verified ccount; Blog posted; Had coffee;Tea; Energy spent on Hyderabad file by afternoon from office 21  reminders posted; called Gta; 4 more DVDS into fold and seen Orange movie in night; 2 more g plus codes received for the day; Owner lady;

Edited Smart phone numbers raghuram called 9700852412; Tention on riding byke;

Poor after noon curry but powder is Ok; Milk and Curd;

Things to do today; see youtube file;
5 prints to take try new cafe; 
post and courier papers; old papers;
days calls; try Purple; arvind again;

Buy bajrangi bhai jaan;
bhag milka;

19th Sept Monday 2016

19th Sept Monday 2016;

Long R & D at home on net Eenadu ads collected long time spent on ages file and launches; Later tried to meet Arvind caterer (2 staff) and Events guy sudden change reserved train ticket from cafe but costly affair;(Jahnavi net cell 9866547143) gave vetuku copies; called cheng,Gta;

Next episode is nagasai and called him for code; later to cyber cafe created reniwal reminder and took xerox; took 15 prints; Attended office later and met Pavan and ram Mohan reddy etc; filing did at office; NRN ans SRN have called;  seen schindlers list again in afternoon;

Night mainly Cyber cfe work and also retrived few more g plus prints;  Eenadu ads collected prints took; had to rush to home at night;purchased covers Files; Hot day anyway managed;
Nosediving of expenses have continued but confidence gained;

100;Work on Hyderabad renewals; 1 hour; Enq ; Ticket to hyd;
90;Enq Nagasai Curries; 
80;Follow up with Pennatheeram Paper; 
70;Visit office filing;
60; ContinueEEads;
50; Buy hindu;
40; enq Purple;
30; blog prints;

Call Seenaiah; RDO 

18th Sept sunday 2016

18th Sept Sunday 2016;

What can help me from now; How to sustain?

Got up in the morning vacated lodge and straight to RTC bustop bit more weight this time (Lodge Boys demand for tip) with luggage managed it anyway; Gta called ontheway; Huge sounds of songs in bus anyway enjoyed; Discomfort by neibour huge body vacated later; Ashwins Telugu message impressive;

Afternoon watched Bahubali again; And gangs of Hoshiyarpur;
it took long time to settle after reaching home; Raj Tyres world ad seen while reaching Tirupati and one Builders add in byke stand; Seen snake near home;

Byke starting problem; Brushing teeth? Tiffen  trouble;

 Morning doasage; Noons dosage;  After noons egg Curry;Night buying spree; milk,Curd; drink; Bingo; Curries; vegitables;

17th sept Saturday 2016

17th Sept  Saturday 2016:

Back ground score effect;

100;Unexpected turn;Venkatramas guys  rejection and  paper stall guys interaction;
90;Huge Auto charges throught the day; for Xerox and etc;
80;Finally submitted diclaration copies; RDO office dynamics known; Satish RDO clerck cell; 9701312426;
70;Dont forget eye glass; Read  zaminryot at evening from seenaiah shop; 
60.Posted 2 days Blog without glases from cafe; and also activated Renigunta entry g plus;
50;Leg pains;
40;RIM activated; Rs 100/-
30; slept off in afternoon;
20; Heat;
10; Lodge advance; RS 150 paid;

16th sept Friday 2016

16th sept Friday 2016:

Its almost impossible to work without byke support; 

Poor tiffen of dosa at morning met Ramanathan;

Grand launch of Pennateeram attended later with seenaiah and NRN met him; By evening vetuke 9th issue recd also received fresh diclaration papers from Rambabu; long walk again for the day; long whatsapp chats with Ashwin and anthima theerpu prasad;

Venkatrama  payout failed at night; seenaiahs support is clearly evident; Called GTa and had chat with her brother; Jayram reddy met; Slippers purchased; Activated  net banking request;

pen power another paper from Nellore;


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