Monday, April 18, 2016

15th sept Thursday 2016

15th sept Thursday 2016;

After many preparations at home reached Nellore ; Narayana  samosa and sro payouts got; Initiated paper work but failed due to Rambabu; Lodge room rejection and my reaction;  Met tailor; Pasumarthy;  JVR Saree;Sri Balaji Electricals; Walked long; during the wait at seenaiah many calculations did; Met Venkatrama  seen adwords letter; Night read about South Hampton;

14th sept Wedday 2016

14th sept Wedday 2016;

Called 2 shops of Varsha one code received but it hasnt activated; Continued e ads collection work; with the help of gta paid for NT domain name and also maintained 10 k for a/c;Recd DVDS seen schindlers lsit great movie; dropped Gta in night; recd rayalaseema payout and funding had from gta again; night purchased telugu velugu; Gave gta 8 issues file; added few more friends to whats app; good filing did at office;

Sudden changes of the day are not meeting caterer;

100;Meet caterer;
90; Icici apyout;
80; Buy tel vel; ET;hindu; enroute;
70; get CDS:
60; get 8 issues file from office;

13th sept Wedday 2016

13th Sept Tuesday 2016:

Ads colleted  so far are151; Morning movies file edited again;

Banks are Holiday so work got disturbed; Failed to wish Bakrid wishes; prints took from cafe; Missed field work for the day; 2 more dvds of classic movies into fold; Owner lady menace headache; Dust covers purchased;

Gladiator Tamil version seen at night;

Followup purple;
Siva car links;
shrine realtors;
Edit Shravanthi flower; 

12th sept Monday 2016

12th sept Monday 2016:
Mailed jana;

140 e ads collected so far: Movies release  year wise R &D did from home and also continued eads collection work from home in morning; it was bit late to meet caterer but missed him and had stress to drop Gta near bank; Had stree to arrange paper at office;

Decided to go to Renigunta had miracle there again; plus arial exposure;

Gave advance for 2 of important movies; deleted few pics from smart phone; 

11th sept Sunday 2016

11th Sept Sunday 2016;

Morning collected few more Eeads; R&D did on movie releases year wise; New hope from Gta funding again; 3 g top up managed for laptop; Met Cd shop purchased 3 idiots later seen the movie; Known abt 1 TB gadget;  Activated Caterer Arvind;

Read about  extortinist Nayeemuddin article in in the hindu; Tea powder purchased; Eggs and chicken arranged; Seen God afther movie;

10th sept saturday 2016

Ganesha idol at shailoos home 2016

washing machine samsung at my home
10th Sept Saturday 2016;
272 g plus activations on hand to increase them further slowly;

Komala Madhu old friend; 9160092000
Saturday powercut trouble had;Some thing was wrong in body at morning suffered with hunger pangs for long time;Chengaiahs call was good at night; Morning lost temper at gta; 3g Top up did to cell; 

1.Met Rayala seema drug; 
2.Met karimullah shah; 
3.Met one new tyre shop;
4.Retrieved lenivi prints and lenivi lodges list from usual cafe.
5.Another miracle happend in the form of umiya timber and gtas funding for insulin etc;
6.Collected Eenadu ads; 
7.Created Miracles file in morning; Scanned Zamynryot; 
8.Power bill recd Ok;

Vididi Cell 8332936139

9th sept saturday 2016

9th Sept Saturday 2016; Hot day!

House owners Flower Tree;

Continued Eeads then net balance problem force stopped work; Trauma of new washing machine; As per the plan closed Nagasai curries;  Met Ruchi curries on the way back ;Unexpected twist is going to credai show collected brotures and visting cards; At office counted g plus copies; Pavan absent again;

seen Jaws; Titanic telugu vertion is interesting; lord of the rings movies for the day; yesterday Brave Heart;

Night arguments at home and crossed dosage;


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