Thursday, April 14, 2016

1sept friday 2016

To distribute and operate in many areas is the theme from now;
Under stress to field; many prints took for the day including some useful Hyderabad clients; Pencil writing problem hickup noticed; not attended office; Light brought to home;
 Known about bommala qrts in local TV  news;

1 st  Sept Thursday 2016;

1.2 kvp passed;
2.Eenadu other places retrieved from cafe; many prints also took;
3.Excide;Batteries; met gave leaflet
4.Sree lakshmi Events;
5.S S PVC;
6.Bairagi patteda lady;ups;
7.stock point success;
8.Met savouries and  opp shop rush seen;

closed rayalaseema; Harsha 2 entries; 


    Fabrication Engineer
    Address: 19-4-123/10F NEAR BY PASS, Air Bypass Rd, 
    Bairagi patteda, Tirupati,
    Andhra Pradesh 517501
    Phone:095151 29779


31st aug Wed day 2016

31st Aug Wed day 2016;

Hotel is the powerful word;

Unexpected payout so things began to move dayout; Cell phone and laptop  net data recharge did; Biggest haul of lodges prints from cyber cafe; Binding managed; More closer view of adwords;
days calls are; mahaveer; shri mahaveer; vessels; Bahubali,, maryada ramanna cds purchased; New cycle shop seen; Tablets,needles, Insulin purchased; Byke  indicator work managed;

30th aug tuesday 2016

30th Aug Tuesday2016;

No net currency at morning hampered work at home;Many re shligs to prints file at office; Dropped cheque; Money crunch continued;  1.Called D W Renigunta; 2. Called photo grapher in vain; 3.called NVR saree; 4.Met bakery guy;
5.Night Pavan too me to Ginger; 6.Found Rayalaseema drug house;7. Called Villagekart; 8.the hindu and ET scanned; 9.seen eenadu few more areas;

29th Aug Mondayday 2016

29th Aug Mondayday 2016;
Morning owner brought Lord Vinayaka Invitation with neibours;
Tooperate in many areas and to concentrate on latest launchin ads take Eenadu help;

Night KVP Payout recd; morning 5 field calls managed; Pavan dumma again;
100 Ibibo entries retrieved from cafe;  Morning 10 more prints added; from office shufling of prints did; Noticed stress of long ride to town

29th Aug Monday 2016

29th Aug Monday 2016

100;Call Pasumarthy; 

90; Spectra;
80.KVP Inn; 
70Binding work; add pages;

28th Aug Sunday 2016

28th Aug Sunday 2016;

Watch yesterday prints;

Fish and Prawn arranged; Scanned Eenadu, and The Hindu; Shaving managed; loaded vasavi pics; whatsapp msg sent; Anjalis call recd;

go to office and collect prints for g plus project;
Transfer peprs to office;  buy Telmah; Overan ;lemon; call pavan;

Activate swagruha; dhanshri print; mahaveer print;

(Mondays plan;
call pasumarthys  nellore; Spectra;)

>>>>Days prints; prints work;

driving schools; Rice mart; buy n save; grocery; chicken; mutton; laptop; fruits,vegitables, pets, camera repair, orchestra,ladies tailors,  car decors,wedding cards, puja articles, bedding mart, travel kits, foot wear,purohits, ad
 agency, plants nursery,pestisides, ups, coaching centres, cycle shops,kids wear, packers n movers,courier agencies,curry corners,

25th aug FRIday 2016

25th Aug  FRIday 2016;

Worked in Tirupati & Renigunta area had 2 closings;  D W failed payout failed;

Days calls;


1.Sri gopal jewellers; Om prakash;
2.RPG corp;
4.Dresses Lodge;
5. Home Appli;
6. Home appli furnitures closed;
8. D W; spet 5th
9.TPT Inn; Srinivas;
10.Aathidyam reddy;
11. Car decorator; on the way to Renigunta; opp Mills?
12,Renigunta electricals;
13.Renigunta Plastic lady;
14,Renigunta steels;
15,Dw tpt;Naidu; dw Tpt to meet on sept;5th;
16.tnr kal mandapam;
17.Murthy aruna Traders;

Path; created;

exposure of TPT press club sports meet;
Renignta plastic;
on return; hotel;
padam jewellers;
Some data;
somewhat cool day:
gurunadha hardwares renigunta;
anthima Theerpu call;

25th Aug Thursday 2016

Janmastami day

25th Aug Thursday 2016;

Eenadu ad saved for the day good guy; Enroute to field ork spotted one nursing schools and ice cream place;  Activated days entry from cyber cafe but had tiugh time with keys; From the morning laptop dint connect but solved it by night; Few more entries collected from field; attended office;

Past analysys continued most of the day;

24th aug Wedday 2016

24th Aug Wedday 2016;

 AgainPvan gave hand so Siva;

Calls did ; aathidyam; lodge;  kvpinn;

afternoon adwords guy and freecharge; Later laptopmiss behaviour;
3 g recharge did; After noon uneasy?

Posteed Billfor Vetuku;
Somedata collected; data;

23rd Aug Tuesday 2016

23rd Aug Tuesday 2016;

Days work gone due to lot of edits at home; Night shree lights payout and sitout with Pavan;
google maps listings work from cafe; Pariwar guy called; recd narayana samosa code and golden lights and activated them;

22nd aug Tuesday 2016

22nd Aug Tuesday 2016;

Attended office;  dropped GTa; filing work in office;Pavan met; Siva kept in contact; called kavali ramesh; lights payout failed again;


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