Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4th aug thursday 2016

4th Aug Thursday 2016:

Long meetup with NRN at morning;  Ads have closed still received few calls met Yanamala nageswar rao; With 8th issue vetuku copies met; S S  catering got bit more closer; met eggs; herbal; While coming back took folded copies and wrapped them all alone and posted them at night; Non of the commited guys came for interviews;

Night Salma Biryani had;

3rd aug wedday 2016

3rd Aug wedday 2016;

3rd day of ad none came to lodge as expected related dipression; Morning head ache with Gta for money; calls received  and few people met at lodge till 2 pm later till 4 pm calls received; retired from 4 pm till 7 PM: Pavan; siva; srn babu kept in contact; Nrn gave payout;

2nd aug tuesday 2016

Tiresome Day! 

2nd Aug Tuesday 2016;

Second day of the ad many people came to Komala hotel gave resumes; Calls continued had to put off cell as unable to receive calls;Busy from the morning first with content saving work then with DTP later Meet up with NRNs friend then with calls; Bramha reddy also came;

Giving cell phone to NRN was bad idea;Met Bandar mithai guy;Roshine code activated Pavan collected payout then transfered;Gave id card to kavali guy; edited riyaz;Scb numbers;


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