Friday, April 01, 2016

8th april Friday 2016

Happy ugadi to all of you!
Hectic day!
Work continued even on this festival day;
Met rajaram cousin took his cell number sreedhar ; 8331874213;
4 dailies scan; gave papers to stpathy;
Met SV Interiors;
Got paers to office;
Met Raghu Photo art;tuesday commitment got;
New call handicrafts;
activated Sv marriage links g plus;
some Pics took from field;
few things to home;
l b nagr D w added;
google maps listings prints took;
forgot laptop

7th april thurday 2016

7th april thurday 2016;

Blazing sun  right from the morning; Night dosge told on health; With the help of NRN papers managed to send  to tpt by ANL: Acidity protocals; Met Doctor and took payout;
Night reached back to tirupati;

6th april wednesday 2016

Got the paper and had to face tention till posting it Nrn and hotel people help took(posted most of them) success at SRO after a long wait;  Whole day initiation did for 2 k t id and finally got it; Vij bhaskar non cooperaration noted;

April 5th tuesday 2016

Morning 4 paper scan;(Triglicerides)Spennt time with Nrn,V B,Seenaiah did 2 oil calls(all must know paper first); Morning managed to take prints from cafe sent wrong number; just one digit missed confirmed with GTA; printer couldnt respond?
Days expences managed anyway; Needed water at room at night; dosa parcel took;raghu photo art and M K Interiors verified;

Dr J P reddy; chintapandu: S S Catering;

april 4th monday 2016

Reached nlr took lodge; (called vijay bhaskar and that has fetchd for the day): paid for news print met madhava took masters (help of guy) very hot day;   NRN took room had rest there and food; R B Madhu met there; Guy from punganoor called brushed him; cash on hand problem faced; had lemon Juice in after noon; Night may 2016 dates posted on Blog;

april 3rd sunday 2016

April 3rd sunday 2016;

April dates posted; Scanned Eenadu; Chicken,Oil arranged;
paper addresses work continued;

april 2nd saurday 2016

SPoint;  Worked with Bhaskar; Forestry got exposed; RDO office also got exposed AO met; Night met jana;  Night typed some content from web cafe; Unexpected income from some sources;

april 2nd saurday 2016
Pvans add to type;


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