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Tirupur - 641 608, INDIA
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Fax: +91 - 421 - 2424933

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scorching heat?

april 2016 planning ahead

Heat will start

march 2016

11 th March friday 2016

10th March 2016: thursday:

1.Engine Oil work;

(Ramana taiors;)
2.Meet stpathy;   raghu photo art;
3.Paper Distribution work: 
4.decide abt ads.
5.Expected response ph calls?
7.scan DTP Book; 
8.Vij Bhaskar:???
9.April content and ads,
10.Prathush;(activate prathush)
11.Meet Raja ram; gopi in evening;
next issue ads collection work;
Field work:
1.Ramana tailors
3.Rahim; cell number and name?
4.Dw plus distribution 1+1+1
9.gave copy to raja ram catering

>>>Disappointment as no coverage in any of dailies whole work of yesterday failed; NRNs call for room looked like pressure; some hits seen for . epapers seen for other news papers;Scanned DTP book; Purchased few things for home; Dw Dta to home page of

9th march 2016; wed day:

As usual to Coffee shop and scanned the hindu and eenadu with Coffee there;

 Surpried to see Jyothi gave coverage  of yesterdays press note  later over reaction of Rajeswshwar Reddy (R R ads ) noted  NRN jonied later Samba also joined  leter vacated Komala regency room  with samba to work and gave press notes to almost 8 press offices samabas energies noted;
laptop hevyness told;
Call from achari was good;

Drink time and catched RTC bus and reached Tpt safe:
payout had from Global A/C met met gopi had hi commitment gave paper to Jai shankar had his commitment for friday;
>>> one mail received for D W;
 House Owners nice reaction plus news of their holiday;

;Met jana at night and had his commitment for design of home page;

Amavasya day; ???

8th march tuesday 2016:

Distribution work at Tirupati; Was the plan:

Morning Oruvuri Krishnaiah met acccidentally took his help prepared Press note Raja Ads guys tips also took; later got letter  it typed with hunger pangs had tiffen later gave papers to S S Catering followup did with  sambaiah  Rafi met inbetween  repeated follow upsfetches  then Press Club formalities known later with Samba  managed to give press note to jyothi and managed days expenses:

Night party with rami reddy and retired with food of mess;

7th march Monday 2016: maha shiv rathri day:

 Morning had kurma doasa with NRN  MET OLD GUYS AT Cafe later NRN disappeared but still i managed to parcel left over papers by ANL; After meeting Seenaiah and Murali purchased DTP Book; 3 g activated; Edited names in morning thanks to net; heavy expwnces have incurred;

Night story developed  Murali and seenaiah; NRN gone down almost;

>>>Lodge rent;
>>>>drink expenses;
>>>>>and  food ;
>>>>must activate 3 g for net;
>>>>get charger from NRN;
>>>Meet dr sirisha and give paper;
>>>>s s catering call him;
>>>>F P Pls;

>>>>>Content for april issue;
Siva ratri;

cont list;  G plus activations;
Naga lakshmi; Electrical shop;

6th march 2016;sunday:

Rao travls  t id   manade;?

Morning hunger pangs noted; took measure by night and water;
Days major development is most of the addresses organised thanks to laptop and net;
Nrn met at morning and Seenaiah met at evening;

 Morning;Scanned Eenadu; The hindu; Long time sitting at nearby Chai cafe for planning; Body pains and uneasy had tablet then its ok;Giri raja sekhar reddys friend; ravi came but dint notice me;
Alambana guy met and  lot of chat and  interest;
seen Bahubali in Hindi on TV;

 friend at seems cafe met;know how to post later to RMS; 
>>>Municipality cheque got cleared received msg;
Give papers to ravi alahari; COH calculations;
Planning ahead;(Lungi; Kerchiefs;)
>>>check to whom march issue is being posted;
Distriution work;
check savings balance;
activate ses doctor

F p;

5th march 2016;Saturday:

Morning Rajeshwar Reddy met and oruvuri krishaiah;

From the morning under tence to paste stamps by evening managed to complete only 250 of them; Evening during the posting got introduced to subramanayam the Post  officer and one lady staff and another press guy sadguru krupa sen zaminryot wrapper; mouli florist gave payout; distributed papers  to sai nathan; sridhar opticals; globe watch; display opp to Town hall; jayram Redy met; Alludu details; gave Stayam 1 copy; Met sri Rama opticals; Zaminryot and lawyer papers seen;

4th march 2016; friday:

Morning march issue received; Began pasting work; took help of lodge guys and they folded 200 papers and saved; Night gave paper to Shashi and florist met one guy and received tips for crime coverage; NRN left for Hyd in night; One copy given to library;

Paste work to continue;

3rd march 2016; thusday;

Got Craft paper from Madhava and with the help of Nrn pasted them; Morning typed list; Got chandra and balapullaiahs postal addresses;
received cheque from Municipality; again printing hickup had to be attended;Called jana; asked GTa to send postal;Vij bhaskar joined in after noon;

>>>Give Master to madhava and get Craft paper;
>>>F P;
>>>>call Rx rama Chandra;
>>>Activate Rim;
>>>>Call Gta....
Follow up jana;
Tailors day ads paper to ask;
Buy refil;
addresses work to continue;
Paste addresses; stamps;
Buy volini gel

Got up and alerted NRN; later had Coffee and scanned Eenadu and the hindu; Rx Invitation cup weekend news known; Bouncer at Tiffen parcel but new point;
Typed whats app addresses;

2nd march 2016;Wednesday:

First to reach Bus depo on auto later having Tiffen then boarding all went cool later reached Nellore; Took quick room on the way sent msgs whats app and got 3 postal addresses;
later to mumcipl office failure; later met Seenaiah Nrn; met Doctor Sirisha and flex guy; later payout got from Kwality surgicals; Releiced cloth; Few ideas written on travel;

After Rami reddy and NRN sitout retired ; later went to DTP guy took printout and later mer Madhava  and purchased news print etc; Whole day good walking and sweat; expences haul; Bramha reddy met took his promise; Rim no currency;


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