Wednesday, November 11, 2015

15th dec 2015; Tuesday;

Lot of energies and money  spent on RTO work lot of other waiting for seenaiah; days payouts include svr arcade guys and svr digital plaza ; Ltter from oruvuri Krishiah an sureshvjs facebook activity known; NRN  and some other guy met;

Good data from kamal got and organised it to folder; girls good typing at DTP centre; chicken with seenaiah at magunta layout;

14 th dec 2015

14th december, post!

late wake up!
aftermath of indulgnce had to be faced anyway!

Had to go to krishna patnam port  office with sadiq; and seenaiah quickly prepared covering letter; enquired with Rto office to renue my driving licece;
laptop battery recd;but had to wait;at bus depot;

success storyies of the day are gadamsetty; m stores; enroute took builders card; tried riyaz !
Tried svr marketing; SCB:

13 th dec 2015; Sunday!

Karimullah lodge boy; enquired komala regency fare;
Vijaya bhaskar cell number got; ariel survey of magunta layout; Morning tiffen at Stone house pet; intro of ali bhai;

Morning raghu ram met be a big company have staff;; 

12 th december 2015 saturday; 11th december 2015

12 th december saturday!
Bag repair; Kapl guys card; shantilals  and SV Book links payouts got; met psr travels; and stickrs;
banian; blanket;

11th december 2015:friday!
maszid centre Biryani had; satish scb; called CS:Myla; Gold palace payout; jain gold payout; sex doctor also obliges; alambana guy met1

11th dec 2015,


10th dec 2015

Some thing went wrong this day at home?

9th dec 2015; wednesday

Attended satya narayana vratam at home Vrataham benefits known; syam came home in evening and created big head ache of life and gtas un nessissary involvement; broadcasted  puja pics to gtas family and dint get any resposnce and lost temper  but had replys from home front; field work gone but managed to post some entries from gopals home;

 Wished GK but double indulgence couldnt be stopped; happy birth day wishes told to shailu; arguments have continued at home at night;

8th dec 2015

JD operations in  big indian cities seen; small field work; faridabad;ghaziabad looks potencial cities;

7th dec Monday 2015

Fix deadline for nlr trip;
Raed some tips on future planning; again one lucky payout for the day; arguments with Chinna and gta have continued; 40 plus data from field collected; what i dint had in year 2000 written; Missed tablets in morning so suffered with aftermath; Et read; huge money for dress press; few things to home continued;

Meet tirupati ceramics; G k ramu; caterer; Byke oil; karivepaku;

6th december ;2015; Sunday

Days synopsys;

kitcoceramic into fold; posted yesterday blog;  tweeted; walked around for some time on top;
Again activated airtel brought few things to home; paid water bill; Nomudaram call by chinna; bashed chinna in morning; scanned Et; the hindu; Met rx guy few things known;  ashalathaivf blocked; luckey closing of vvl fishes saved the day; whats app chat continue to flare up; no control again on indulgence; tweeted k; walked on top; chat with Naani;

Few  calls to do in Morning; try fishes;
FP pls;


5th Dec 2015;saturday

Lost temper at xerox guy for over charging; managed to pull almost 500 new data and key words plus 2 t ids; Balaji K M payout one reference visiting card; managed to pay a/c penultimate instalment; some fresh pics posted to blog of tirumala; night golden bee activated; some advance planning did; had corn soup in the night due to hyper acidity; read the hindu; whats app chat with siddani family continued;

Laptop location shifted; activated 1 g plus loka ads;

4th dec 2015; Friday

27 DATA FROM FIELD; Morning some data with key words loaded again; Field work morning and evening; one payout recd in evening session;

Cs called very late in night; kamalakar was seen on roads with worst condition; positive from loka ads; met physio gym guy in the evening;

3rd dec 2015; isuka street sunnapu veedhi tirupati

Mostly fruit and provision stores are located here

Late to field work survey of friuts and hair cutting sallons did; Work managed with 3 success stories; Morning r &d continued from home; new baby arrival dr srujana; 2 aitel numbers top up did; tweeted more; planned big; dta collection also continued; Hunger pangs at night? irritating msgs from syam; Read back dec 2014; had pop corn soup;

2nd december; 2015; wednesday;

3rd Dec

4th dec

5th dec

1st dec

Big planning day  rough sketch for next 5 years made;
night attended home took sare met brother and sisters; Managed field work; Few hopes emerged; Big hospital launch;

1.Bujji will come;  
2.chinna saree  function;
3.try eng raju;

More tweets pls; pothys;tweets;
try Raunaq;

***buy Tel vel; Buy e t; 

razor; shaving:
try balaji kalyana mandapam;
**stock point;   dw chalapathi; new calls for income;
a/c bill pressure; syam;?
Fp pls; nlr visit plan;
Consolidate; further;

1 st december 2015; tuesday;

2nd dec

3rd Dec

4th dec

5th dec

More tweets pls is days knowledge; Called bujji; recharged airtel rs 45 for the day;  chintapandu;Milk; rained without a gap; someone is joining as neibour; plannings continued; some song as forward;gta seconded it; Had cron soup; bread neeced;baby corn;

asahanam ??? charcha;

Internet work began early at home;
Fp continued; Posted entries of

1.tirumala photo studio;
2. yesterday oils entry posted; therapy; 2 entries posted;
5.fishes;; crafts edited;
8.pandu refregeration had huge key words;
9.helpinh hands file edited again;
Chinna and kamalakar have called;
as it rained i am forced to stay back at home; read blog tips; tweeted; 

30th November 2015; monday;

1. typed nainar;
2. gopi swtch board;
3. cauvery t id;
4.vlv fish marketing;
5.Provision plaza;
activated 5 g  plus;

nandini called at night; airtel top up and continued work at night;
luckey 2 success stories saved for the day; veg market visited; rain continued; no response to msgs to group; Mineral water key words posted;
f p continued;

29th nov;2015; sunday Hyderabad rx;

1. worked even on sunday  nice articles on sunday mag;celebrity chats; I have a chance;To mangalam doctor and met one chemist there;
2.sent whatsapp messges;
3.met one fitness gym and hope;
4.helped syam with passports snap;
5.met gopi sekhai bhais bro; deprtments store identified;
7.finally payout got for the day from photo studio;

unexpected outburst on mek tv show at home;

28th nov;2015; saturday;bangalore rx;

***Try for big twitter projects;
Fp pls;

call seenaiah;
pending payouts; renewals;
***secret style; choudhry; d w renewals; car crafts; mess;

Need to manage the day!

 Groundnut; vegitables;
Field work did;
------------------------- shop; monday; cut; crafts;
5.paints; monday;
10. retrieved pen media letters;visiting cards;
12.tenali hotel;

27th november 2015; Friday;

After many days satisfied work with Kamalakar did around 10 calls; 1 small payout;
gdselectronics t id; Morning response had for waterfall video;

1,gopal auto crafts
3.biryani deco
6.manufacturer; hope;
8.pandu kitchen doctor;

 Bangalore rx;
Cash on hand will further deplete;
Going to nlr seems becoming  must; Try for 2 big twitter projects;
Nlr trip  plans?

26th november 2015;

11th november 2015; Diwali day;

Reached  tirupati home  with  heavy luggage safe; later took posession of Byke; insulin purchase and poor tiffen; Animated divali greeting by raguram;  chinna called so s kumar; Long chat with syam at night; crackers  and  sweets celebrations broad casted had good response fr the day;

expenses have sky rocketed; had long chat wid syam;


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